The main result of project is to increase the duration of the tourist season, arrivals and overnight stays and the length of stay for visitors in Geopark. This is will be achieved through the upgrading, promotion and enrichment of the offered geotourism product, meeting its growing demand in the tourist markets of Greece, Cyprus and abroad. Other expected results are: - Identify and create "identity" of Geoparks, as a destination for domestic and incoming geotourism. - Enrichment, upgrading of geo-tourism product and offering integrated geo-touristic experiences. - Protect, promote and exploit the natural and cultural heritage of Geoparks and preserve them as recognized Monuments of European and World Geological Heritage. - Sustainable local development with a strong contribution to the local economy and entrepreneurship, promotion of gender equality through empowerment of women entrepreneurship, improvement of the quality of life of the local population and attractiveness of rural areas as residence and work places. - Environmental education and awareness of the local population, students and visitors on sustainability issues, protection of the natural and cultural environment of Geoparks and understanding of the consequences of climate change - Increasing the accessibility to natural and cultural resources of Geoparks.